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Welcome to our website.

Welcome to, the first health, sport and permaculture program!
We created this website in order to share our passion for Nature, sports, health, and to emphasize the link between those three.
Our goal is to put you in the situation to feel from yourself what living healthy and happy really is about and really feels.
After several years of a typical urban life, with daily jobs, under the pressure keeping us away from independent thinking and a natural lifestyle, we realized it was time for change and decided to start a new life, close to Nature, and free from financial debts through simple living.
Now, we are ready and willing to share our experience, humility face to Mother Earth, Gaia. The enjoyable experience of healthy living thank to a diet based on raw fruits and vegetables and a daily physical activity. The experience of parenting kids the way we want to.
If you came to this website, you are already asking yourself a lot of questions, you are looking for a path that suits you, an established and sustainable health, a healthy and functioning body. We offer to help you on this path, and its surprises, its little secrets. But be ready to face some difficulties, but everything can be overcomes, and all are part of the learning process.
Combining outdoor activities and rawfoods in a preserved natural and luscious environment will help you get a better sense of values like persistence, solidarity, patience, humility, simplicity. By eating raw, you will feel a rush of energy, a desire to get your body moving, to share, to help. You will be facing yourself, but with the keys helping you to get through your emotions and your body. And at the same time, you will improve your physical performances and knowledge on how to train more efficiently and naturally back home. You will increase your self confidence, your respect for others, your friendships, and be finally happy?!!!
We already noticed during the Raw Fruit Festival, which we organize every year in September, how the participants, the volunteers, the organizers and the kids were truly happy and spreading their happiness around them. This motivates us to offer such experience year round. Let’s share and propagate happiness, health and fit bodies through a healthy and active lifestyle!!!
Please take a look at the Health, Fitness and Fasting retreats we organize, and we hope to meet you there!
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